SlapAamir to KissAamir

From to, we managed to troll the entire country with Bollywood & Politics in under 36 hours, and here's how we did it.

On November 26, a political party offered ₹100,000 to anyone who slapped Bollywood superstar, Aamir Khan, for a remark he made on the country's intolerance. Ridiculous right? That's when we created a website, mocking their claim, where we handed out 100,000 virtually to every person who slapped Aamir Khan. And we called it

The plan was to see if people actually slap him and to our surprise he got over 8 million slaps on the website in over 15 hours. Many found it hilarious and understood the sarcasm in it, but most were slapping him in anger, and that's when we launched phase II of our campaign redirected to

With, we wanted to spread the message that intolerance can sometimes lead to hatred and violence. In a country like ours, it's important to spread the message of love and tolerance.

This campaign was probably the truest test of what the nation felt about Aamir Khan at that time. Whether they wanted to slap him or kiss him.

The 2nd phase of the campaign was well received by many, understanding the intention of our approach, while the most ridiculous of them believed we got "hacked"!
Within 36 hours, both the website had over 1.5 million interactions, over a million unique visitors, half a million shares and a major rage in the country. All this, and not a single #Hashtag.

Copywriter - Himanish Ashar
Art Director - Dhvani Shah